Fruit of The Testicle

Aanu had been pregnant before Femi and she made sure he was aware of this fact before going to the altar with him.

They have been married for 5 years and they are yet to give birth to a child.

Aanu read English language at the University of Abuja and graduated with honours. Her goal is to start a Nursery in her neighbourhood in the near future. Her husband Femi has a post-graduate degree in Engineering.  Aanu is from a privileged background and Femi was raised by his rich uncles and aunts. They worship in a popular Pentecostal church in Lagos near where they live. They are Shareholders in several multinationals, they own two cars, Landed property in Femi’s village, and a block of flats on the outskirts of  Lagos with very good tenants that pay them rent on time.

Lately their marriage has been sad and gloomy. It wasn’t always like this.

When they got married in 2011, they were so in love that their close friends and family members could not stop tapping into their marital bliss. Theirs was a story of a match made in heaven. They met at a Bridal shop in Allen Avenue Ikeja. Aanu was shopping for a pair of Silver sandals for her Parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary and Femi was visiting his cousin Ire at work- Ire owns the shop. He helped her pick the right pair of shoes and he earned himself an invitation to the party. Aanu says it was love at first sight while Ire swears that She is Cupid.

They performed all the medical tests recommended to them by friends and foes before tying the nuptial knot and all their Doctors’ had pronounced them medically compatible.

Last week when Aanu stumbled upon a Comment left by her husband Femi on a popular American Gospel Singer’s Youtube channel, she felt very offended. He had written on a thread of Prayer Requests and he got 55 Likes and 30 Replies from well meaning Believers all around the World.

FEMI P. 6 days ago (edited)
Please pray for my wife to be blessed with the fruit of the womb, we’ve been married for five years and no issue.

Aanu had been pregnant before Femi and she made sure he was aware of this fact before going to the altar with him. He knew all there was to know about her past and he even said he loved her despite it. She also knew his life story so well that she could recite it on command. At least that was what she thought. The Youtube comment sowed a seed of anger and untold frustrations which brought some questions to the forefront of her mind;

1. Was Femi already fathering children elsewhere that he put the blame on her womb?
2. Was he saying that the burden of reproduction lay on her and her alone?
3. Were they no longer in this together?
4. What were her options Post-Femi?
5. Was he, God forbid, saying that her womb could not bear fruits because of her history?

Aanu needed answers. Losing sleep about the situation she decided that the best thing to do was to confront her husband about his Youtube comment.

“AANU C’MON DON’T BE CHILDISH!!! SINCE WHEN DID YOU START POLICING ME ON THE INTERNET? AND IF IT IS MAKING YOU SO ANGRY, THEN MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR US TO DO A FERTILITY TEST! THIS IS CRAZY, I DID NOT EXPECT THIS FROM YOU!” Femi was tired of her passive-aggressiveness anyway, besides, all he was trying to do was to be a good Christian husband to Aanu and she paid back by throwing baseless allegations of adultery and insubordination at him. Aanu was ungrateful, he saw that now. He had had to answer nosy family friends, neighbours and even defend her in front of relatives for five good years when they threw shade at his wife for not giving him a child and this was how she showed her appreciation. He picked up his phone and called their Doctor to schedule an appointment.

Femi was diagnosed with Idiopathic infertility after several scientific and non-scientific methods were used to evaluate him.

Aanu insisted he edit his Youtube comment to “Fruit of The Testicle”, She later forgave him after he apologized for causing their childlessness while being so ignorant about the effect his words had on her. Femi deleted the comment altogether. They decided to start the Nursery earlier than they had planned to because Femi admitted to her that he saw how excited she got when she held other people’s babies: the day he wrote the comment was the day her younger sister Toluwani came visiting with her own toddler. He really just wanted his wife to be happy and somehow, the Christian society he grew up in puts the responsibility of procreation on the woman alone that they even have special Prayer requests and Miracle healing sessions tagged Fruit of the Womb within the Church.

The End.