The Christian Fashion Show

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Bola: There’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now


Bayo: What is it this time?


Bola: It’s about fashion o. You know how I always like to look glam and fresh everywhere I go yeah? Well I recently became a Christian and now I’m scared that I can’t look good anymore


Bayo: But why not? What’s the connection?


Bola: Haven’t you seen the the way these Christian girls dress? The holier than all of thou style seems to be the standard for a good Christian these days


Bayo: Do you mean those girls who usually make Christianity look boring and unattractive with their overflowing, shapeless dresses and permanently covered hair. They don’t even wear jewelry as if it’s biblical not to.


Bola: My point exactly! I’m a new Christian but even I know that in Jeremiah 2:32, God found it ridiculous for a woman not to wear jewelry!


Bayo: If you know that then I don’t see why you’re worried. God is cool and so is Christianity. If Jesus wasn’t fashionable, why would the soldiers have gambled for pieces of His garment?


Bola: But Jesus IS a guy! I’m talking about girls here!


Bayo: You know what? I’ve got proof for you that you can be a Christian girl and still look glam like you like to. God wants you to look good. Don’t believe me? Then come May 27th 2017, be at the Christian Fashion Show organized by Love N Grace Events. There’s a Children’s Party by the side so you could bring your little sister along. I even hear that some Law students from the University of Lagos would be gracing the walkway with their catwalk!


Bola: Really?! Sounds too good to be true. I’ll definitely be there!



Author: Jayjeystic

Igbo girl, blogging about personal topics. Passionate about Health, Storytelling, Education, Mentoring, The Environment and Nigerian Culture (music, literature, fashion, film, cuisine, government).

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