It presents very important work done by a writer, akin to a masterpiece of masterpieces.


 It started as a result of a lack of spirit, enthusiasm, or interest in every thing else.


It is a testament to the fact that one thinks and thus highlights intellectual processes of the self or ego in the written format.


It is functional in  curating all the works the writer has created.


My name is IJEOMA (ee.gee.uh.ma), it literally means “safe journey” and when I was really little my daddy started calling me Jayjeystic (jay.jaay.steak).

I am trying to be a published Storyteller by the time I turn 30 so, this blog partly exists so that I may have a “back when” (laughs). I am also a follower of Jesus, The Greatest Leader to ever walk the terrains of the Earth. You might run into one or two posts that talk about me and my Jesus Follower-ship on my blog.

I am Igbo (Nigeria) and I was born in the 90’s to a Lawyer mom and an Architect dad. I think my talent is Storytelling and I got it from my Mama! Apart from being a full time medical student, I also love to tweet and shop online! *swirls*

There’s a thrill I get from getting good deals/discounts on high quality products. Wearing well finished garments satiates me. I learned that I love to travel and experience new ways of life and so far I have visited more than 6 countries. My greatest pride is in my Igbo heritage which I hope to never take for granted.

I will also love to hear about you through your storytelling, prose, poetry and bants. My friends and colleagues co-author this blog with me and you can also participate by sending your written work to me: ijey101@gmail.com

[I edit sometimes but I won’t if you tell me not to :)]

Thank you for stopping by JAYJEYSTIC’s Blog! I hope you enjoy reading my collaborative blog, I look forward to reading your comments and hearing from you as well.

I’m mostly looking forward to meeting other people who are passionate about telling Nigerian stories in the most interesting ways. I know I am not alone!!!

(Kindly note that the target audience/demographic falls within the 15 – 200 Homo sapien Years age range)


PLUG: You can find me on Twitter by following this link @


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. omg do i just love your blog? no i adore it. if it were a meal i would eat it up. i just started blogging too and i love your blog. am not done making up my mind yet but am getting there


  2. An online shopaholic medic, interesting. Lol

    I am very pleased to meet you. 🙂

    Ah, I enjoy paying less for more too, scoring great bargains always makes me feel so lucky and happy.

    Liked by 1 person

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