Medical Education – Lecturio Medical School Survival Guide

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This post is useful for students currently in medicine, preparing for medicine or finishing medicine in United States or Caribbean Medical Schools.


Hello! Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

I bring you great news, Lecturio has released a Med School Survival Guide which you can DOWNLOAD  here:

You wonder how the guide was developed? They have gathered their best medical advisors, distilled their experience and put into one piece – just for you!

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Medical Education – FIRECRACKER

Hello – I’ve got a discount on Firecracker to share.

This post is useful for students in medicine, nursing, and other health sciences, preparing for their board licensing and or certificate examinations.

Hello – I’ve got a discount on Firecracker to share. It provides discounts on 1 year subscription, or 2 years and lots of other terms as well.

This will give you access to all USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and COMLEX content as well as the Q-bank and library of 15 practice exams!

“In a 2007 report by the Institute for Education Sciences (IES) entitled “Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning”, the IES isolated a collection of principles from hundreds of studies on student and instructor behavior to inform the education community of actionable techniques that improve learning outcomes. Firecracker embodies these principles through a combinatorial approach of curriculum alignment, daily concept review, and higher-order assessment.”FIRECRACKER EFFICACY REPORT

Firecracker integrates content from Sketchy Micro, Pathoma and Wikipedia to provide Flash Cards that are tailored to meet your para-study needs as well as other fun stuff like group study, daily clinical vignette, timed study, inter-med school competition etc.


Other cool features:

Firecracker Board Bundles offers a more effective alternative to the traditional UFAP + Sketchy approach to board prep. They’ve combined a U-World inspired Qbank, thousands of First Aid-style topic summaries, and two companion content modules for Pathoma and Sketchy. All in a single package. All for less than 25% of what you’d pay for those others.

Study Something Specific allows you to study something other than what Firecracker recommends for you each day, it provides you with a way to tell Firecracker  what you’ve learned each week, and also, allows you to prioritize everything you’ve learned for review.

The Firecracker App is delightful to look at and easily navigable, it is available for download on the Apple App store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android operating systems.

Don’t forget to disable adblock on your browser before you sign up, the link expires after 24 hours but that’s okay, it is always here when you need it!

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How I Save Using EBATES

why buy anything if you are not getting it on a deal anyway?

Hi friend,

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My Experience

I started using Ebates because I was looking for ways to save money, as a student it is part of the life I live, asking for student discount at supermarkets, etc. I have never been happier with my online purchases, I have paid for flights, books, skin care products, sports equipment, hotel stays, clothing, etc. through Ebates and gotten Cash Back on every purchase made so far. Ebates is unique because they offer Daily Double Cash Back, I added the Ebates extension to my Chrome Web Browser and it alerts me of deals, coupons and Cash Back when I visit any website that is affiliated with Ebates. It is very convenient and quarterly, receiving a BIG FAT CHEQUE is something that takes me by surprise. It makes me happy to know that I save on everything I find on the internet. It is amazing!


TIP: EBATES sends the best emails so be on the look out for those updates on daily double deals, why buy anything if you are not getting it on a deal anyway?

The Christian Fashion Show

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Bola: There’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now


Bayo: What is it this time?


Bola: It’s about fashion o. You know how I always like to look glam and fresh everywhere I go yeah? Well I recently became a Christian and now I’m scared that I can’t look good anymore


Bayo: But why not? What’s the connection?


Bola: Haven’t you seen the the way these Christian girls dress? The holier than all of thou style seems to be the standard for a good Christian these days


Bayo: Do you mean those girls who usually make Christianity look boring and unattractive with their overflowing, shapeless dresses and permanently covered hair. They don’t even wear jewelry as if it’s biblical not to.


Bola: My point exactly! I’m a new Christian but even I know that in Jeremiah 2:32, God found it ridiculous for a woman not to wear jewelry!


Bayo: If you know that then I don’t see why you’re worried. God is cool and so is Christianity. If Jesus wasn’t fashionable, why would the soldiers have gambled for pieces of His garment?


Bola: But Jesus IS a guy! I’m talking about girls here!


Bayo: You know what? I’ve got proof for you that you can be a Christian girl and still look glam like you like to. God wants you to look good. Don’t believe me? Then come May 27th 2017, be at the Christian Fashion Show organized by Love N Grace Events. There’s a Children’s Party by the side so you could bring your little sister along. I even hear that some Law students from the University of Lagos would be gracing the walkway with their catwalk!


Bola: Really?! Sounds too good to be true. I’ll definitely be there!


The introduction of Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar

The stories are based in Nigeria and the artists are authentically Nigerian…here’s to supporting Nigerian creatives.

Please Donate to Akbar Comics by visiting this Kickstarter link.

Hi friends,
Today I bring you great news, there’s a new comic in town! The stories are based in Nigeria and the artists are authentically Nigerian. They go by the name ‘Akbar Comics’ and they need your money to realize their dream of disrupting the scope of African Pop culture as we know it with their collective artistic genius, they have created a Kickstarter campaign and they have till June the first to meet their goal of crowd-sourcing $$$.
Please keep on reading this post to learn more about the guys behind Akbar Comics and to peruse characters from their debut release titled CAPTAIN CALABAR. Here’s to supporting Nigerian creatives.
– Jayjeystic

The year is two thousand and thirteen, the location is Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. A group of teenage boys, some fresh out of secondary school, have just been sorted to the same room in one of the male hostels in campus. The algorithm that put them together is a small but important stroke in the grand scheme of things. They are not just roommates, they each become their brother’s keeper and evolve into the lifelong friends destiny predisposed them to be. Time will unveil them as a gifted trio from the Department of Architecture. With a holy combination of mad skills, hard work, and a shared love for cartoons, they birth the new anti-hero: Captain Calabar. They have great dreams of changing the landscape of African pop culture through the utilization of their natural talents in telling the stories of modern day Nigeria.

Meet Timehin Akinde 

Timehin Akinde Akbar comics
Timehin Akinde, Akbar comics

Timehin is a simple guy, you will find him anywhere near chill vibes and Palm trees. He is one of the two initial founders of and the creative writer at Akbar Comics, he also coined the name ‘Captain Calabar’ as a testament to the popular Nigerian stereotype of assuming that anybody from the Efik/Ibibio speaking South-South sub-region of Nigeria is from CALABAR.

 Calabar (also referred to as “Canaan City”) is a city in Cross River State, in south southern Nigeria.

Many moons ago, in the small dorm room occupied by a tight circle of friends, Timehin nicknamed his friend Joshua Akpan Captain Calabar”.

Meet Joshua Akpan

Joshua Akpan, Akbar Comics
Joshua Akpan, Akbar Comics

Even though he is from Akwa Ibom State, his squad quickly took to calling him Captain Calabar. Joshua is a talented Artist who loves Bob Marley and Kendrick Lamar. He is a trained Architect, works as an illustrator, and is one of the three initial founders of Akbar Arts

The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language.

He joined his friend Abasido Akpan in Akbar Comics. 

Meet Abasido Akpan

Abasido Akpan, Akbar Comics
Abasido Akpan, Akbar Comics

Abasido is also from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, he is the visionary behind Akbar Arts, an illustrator, and a business man with a great sense of humour. Abasido has been described as “a really really good artist” by some of his friends, probably because he is known to give beards to the beardless in his cartoons. Abasido A.K.A Akbar pushed his art under Akbar Arts before he came up with the idea for Akbar Comics as a subsidiary of Akbar Arts in July of two thousand and sixteen.

Calabar is a port city, near the Cameroon border. It sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta.

Timehin in telling the story of Akbar Comics had this to say about Abasido’s pivotal role:

“Then one day Abasido hit me up and was like let’s make something with this, initially it was supposed to be an animation but making a comic is easier. So long story short, we’ve been friends since and broke-ness forced us to come up with the idea! (laughter)”

-timehin akinde, akbar comics

Meet Some Of The Characters:

Akbar Comics, Captain Calabar #1 AUG 2017
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Adewale Ogunjobi
Name: Adewale Ogunjobi aka Dr. Ken Abilities: Complete mastery of the spiritual arts (Babalawo settings). Direct descendant of Ogun. Immortal.
Captain Calabar - Akbar Comics
Name: Anwang John-Bassey aka Captain Calabar Abilities: Superhuman strength, flight and invulnerability given to him by the Ekpe spirit.
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Lanre Williams
Name: Lanre Williams Abilities: Computer genius, ex-yahoo boy with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Nigerian underground scene.
Akbar Comics; Captain Calabar
Captain Calabar derives his powers from his tattoos written in the Nsibidi script, a language similar to hieroglyphics invented by the Ekpe tribe.
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Shalewa
Name: Shalewa. Abilities: Proficient in the art of underwater warfare (mami water levels). Lieutenant of Karishika’s army. Underground Runz Girl

Please don’t forget that Captain Calabar needs our help, you can donate by clicking me or by sharing this post.

Diary – PAUL Amayo

 Introducing Diary; Paul Amayo talks about his lived experience and stumbling upon inspiration from God through the Bible and Priming a faulty pumping  machine.

19 APRIL 2017, 12:55 AM

I learnt something new today, it is called Priming.
So, I moved into this new place last December, I have a family of three living right above me and a single man just beside me. I like to keep to myself, a lot. I never really interact with them but I do take notice of behavioural patterns, the kids play from dusk till dawn and they seem never to tire. The other single man living behind me strikes me as a retired military personnel because of his physique and he’s always up to something: fixing his gen, his door, anything really. Living in Nigeria where there’s no constant power supply, we always have to be alert when it comes to pumping water so we have enough to use daily and he makes it a point of duty to always be the first to reach the pumping machine when power comes on. Every now and then, I try to make sure I get to the pumping machine before he does, just to show that I also care about everyone. For me, it isn’t a difficult job, it is basically  turning on a switch and walking away and remembering that when the tank gets full it starts to overflow, I walk back, turn it off, and that’s it, my job is done and I’m a good neighbour! I never thought there was anything more to pumping water than that. I mean think of it, what else could there be? The pumping machine does it’s job when prompted, right? So today my neighbor at the back (military personnel) called me to inform me that he was traveling and seeing as everyone else had traveled for the Easter holidays, it had just been us both in the compound for the past 2 days. He told me that I shouldn’t forget to pump water and then he added that the pumping machine wasn’t working properly because the water down under had dried up a little and the machine needed a little help. I’d have to prime it as he had been doing for the past few weeks, without my knowledge. I’d have to take a bowl of water and pour in down a pipe somewhere in the machine and that aids the pressure problem, the water goes down the hidden pipe and helps the machine to pump normally.  This new found knowledge really got me thinking, how many of us are desperately​ in need of some priming? Maybe not us, but how about those around us? How often do we say:
“She’s a strong girl!”

“He’s surely doing okay and he probably doesn’t even need my help.”

Galatians chapter 6 verse 2 says “Carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the Law of Christ.” We are to prime others! Be a shoulder to lean on, even for the seemingly strong. Be there for those who never seem like they need anyone. Care for the caregivers amongst us. You never know who needs you to keep on functioning.
Gotta go now, the tank is full and overflowing. Stay primed up!!!

Medical Education – LECTURIO

This post is useful for students in medicine, nursing, and other health sciences, preparing for their board licensing and or certificate examinations.

I want to introduce you to this new resource I have been using. It is called Lecturio and they have been helping me a lot with med school and board exam prep. Their aim is to spread knowledge and make high-quality medical education available to as many students as possible worldwide and I must say that I have looked around and they have the highest quality high-yield video lectures from Ivy League professors along with recall questions, updated articles, study materials, and information germane to Medical Education like this one. 

Download The Lecturio 99-Day USMLE® Step 1 Study Schedule designed to help you make the most of your subscription.


Sign up on for FREE and subscribe with a Study Plan that fits your needs, you have the option of choosing between 1 month, 3 months or 12 months of unlimited access to lecture videos from world-class instructors and also unlimited access to the new Lecturio Question Bank (QBank) that boasts of more than 1,000 high-yield and 1,600 recall questions..

LECTURIO is an online and offline audio-visual learning platform, LECTURIO App is available on Android and iOS, this is very important because you get to study on the go and save data you would’ve used if you were streaming all those important videos in your spare time, it essentially converts your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device into your mobile classroom. To know more about how this platform can help you in your medical school journey, visit here.

***Please share with your friends and loved ones in medical school or just copy the link to your browser:

Thank you. I wish everyone in this medical school journey all the best in their exam prep and future careers!


Sexy Jesus Freak

What makes us higher animals? Our ability to think of solutions, our ability to reason the way we do and our ability to work in teams+communicate our ideas with each other in sophisticated ways e.g various art forms. In other words, our ability to have conversations that lead to development, our inquisitive nature, and our powerful brains separate us from other vertebrates/mammals.

Yesterday me and my darling friend whose future children will call me nothing but “Mommy Ijey” each sat on both ends of our phones for three hours, talking about this and that. The topic of sexual purity and what it means (or what it should mean) for us young ‘Jesus Freaks’ came up. We concluded that:

Number one: It is a privilege to maintain your sexual purity (as follow come) from the get go, because so many people never had a chance to make that choice due to the inhumane hostility of the environment(s) they found themselves in, so we generally need to quiet down about being sexually pure and basically cut off the noses we tend to turn up at our “sexually impure” brothers and sisters- also what’s it with those shaming exercises carried out in places of worship anyway? I mean those “you had sex and we found out so come out and stand before the congregation, let everybody stare at you with judgement in their eyes” shaming exercises. They need to go.

Number two: That we Jesus Freaks need to stop treating this issue of sexual purity as if it is solely by our power and might that we stay pure and we need to start handing it over to the appropriate authority (Holy Spirit). We are taught to pray about every other area of daily life except the part that has to do with ‘go forth and multiply’. A lot of us have felt the pressure and strain associated with keeping it locked down until marriage and this shouldn’t be so, we agreed that it is not supposed to be so. If you are praying “God help me pass my exams”, don’t hesitate to add “God help me maintain sexual purity”, the Holy Spirit will not say “eww”, I promise. You shouldn’t have to do it on your own when you have Holy Spirit to help you.

Number three: That within our pristine Jesus Freak circles, we have managed to make Sex the biggest elephant that can ever fit into a room. Enough conversations are simply not being had about sex! Jesus Freaks are dying of curiosity meanwhile we are all living, breathing, walking proof of sex happening at some point in history, oh the irony. So we should start talking and asking questions and making this discussion the rule as opposed to the exception, in godly settings of course.

Number four: That sex is neither a bad thing nor an abnormal thing. It is a good thing and it is normal. Simple. Very important: you are not keeping yourself for your future husband or wife but for God. Jesus Freaks of the masculine gender need to desist from making it a topic of amusement and or self/ego aggrandizement, don’t be tempted to conflate sexual purity in this spiritual context, with the machinations with which patriarchy uses to hold women down. Tah! don’t do it!

Number five: That it is possible, Jesus Freaks of the feminine gender, to maintain sexual purity and not gloat/feel superior about it. On the last day nobody will be handing out trophies for “keeping yourself holy”. If you decide to honour God with your sexuality, do just that and keep it moving, you are honouring God and not man/religious leaders. The kingdom of God has other mandates and sex should not be made into an idol, besides babies are very expensive and STDs/STIs are disastrous.

The End.

Jesus Freaks = young people burning for Jesus/following Christ.

Free Books – OkadaBooks

OkadaBooks is a platform for reading books, both free and paid. It all started when the founder, Mr Okechukwu Ofili was having a difficult time pushing his book (How Stupidity Saved My Life) into the market, he got an idea to put his book on Blackberry and make it available to mobile phone users because bookstores were doing shakara for him, so he went into business with a software developer and together they started building the first draft of the app that we know as OkadaBooks. His idea turned out to be perfect.

Fast forward a few years down the line, the mobile book reading app has won an award (MTN 2013 app of the year), it has introduced us to new writers from all over Nigeria like Umari Ayim whose writing style I admire and also writers from other parts of Africa like Nana Kwame Antwi-Boasiako. It has recently published my friend Aanu Elizabeth’s new children’s story book (Hassan, Sope And Evelyn In The Mystery Of The Store Beside The Stairway And Other Stories).

You can Sign Up for the reading experience of your life with OkadaBooks by clicking on my referral link

OkadaBooks is a solution to a problem. We all know of Kindle, Kobo Books, Nook and so on but now we have our very own African OkadaBooks that caters to our need for representation in the world of creative writing, publishing, and reading especially in this social media+mobile device age. The OkadaBooks app is now available on Blackberry (BB10), iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.

Eghosa Imasuen, Fine Boys (As seen on OkadaBooks app for iOS)

I have recommended the OkadaBooks app to some of my friends in the past, Naomi Edor now jokes about my relationship with the founder (or lack thereof, haha!) because of how passionate I am about the success of this book reading app. I first read Eghosa Imasuen’s second novel (Fine Boys) on the OkadaBooks app and I went on to buy the paperback for my brother as a graduation present. Needless to say, I think Eghosa is a brilliant writer and that every Nigerian must read Fine Boys. Who knows, without the OkadaBooks app I may never have come across his work.

You can Sign Up for the reading experience of your life with OkadaBooks by clicking on my referral link, and if you use my link, you will get up to 150:00 NGN in free OkadaBooks credit! What are you waiting for? Jump on the Okada and let your imagination go places. 😃


We are kissing and kissing and kissing and my stomach is tingling.

It starts where it all starts, the beginning. We are walking down the road where rain has made a puddle and we are having to be jumping, jumping and jumping like Olympian high jumpers. He is telling me things, telling me about how his weekend went, tracing the scar on his head as he is telling me these things. I am listening, listening as far as the arc of his full lips permit, listening as far as the rough tangle of his hair permit, listening as far as his perfect face allows. He is noticing. He is noticing that I am looking him. He is asking me “What?”, “Nothing” I reply as I be catching myself. He is telling me now about how his childhood went, one story after the other, telling me about how girls be liking him and he doesn’t like them back, telling me about how girls be too dramatic. Telling me all these with those perfectly arched lips. I am only hearing as far as his hotness of himself permits my senses. I am tingling, tingling with trepidation. He notices me notice these things and asks “What?” again. This time, it is different, I summon courage and tell him “I want to kiss you”.  He weighs it in his head and finally he be saying, “I have a boyfriend’, I thought you should know”. I laugh and also be saying I have a girlfriend, I also thought you should know”. We both be smiling the smile with the promise of more.

  We are kissing and kissing and kissing and my stomach is tingling. Butterflies in my stomach tingling, Mama’s sweet jollof rice tingling, Kumbaya for my souls’ reprieve tingling and sweet sweet honey tingling. This is going on and on like a good movie just that in our case the director is not yelling that we be cutting. I am beginning to be thinking that this boy has been hiding the whole of heaven In his lips this whole time. Mid-reverie, the boy whose mother they be saying is a witch and father a demon shines light on us and next thing he be shouting “Fag! Fag! Gay! Gay!”. I is breaking the embrace, I is scared, I is thinking there is no way out of this one. Next thing, people are coming out to gather us, to snap us, to beat us. Next thing, I is hearing him tell them that he is the fag, he blackmailed me, I is hearing him tell them to leave me alone. Next thing, the crowd is telling me *Ndo, **Pele, Sorry. Next thing, I is seeing them take him away with slaps and kicks. I is screaming “I am sorry!” but my voice is not responding. My voice is not talking. My voice is not a voice.

   I be go to my room but I can’t be sleeping. I be hearing his screams as they beat him, put sticks in his anus, slap him around. I can’t be sleeping. I be screaming, I be praying, I be being miserable. Too much! too much! too much! my mind be saying. My mind is telling me that I can’t let him be dying like that, I can’t let heaven be treated like that. I be opening a word document, I be typing, be telling the world the truth, be typing, be crying, be typing, be crying. When I be finished, as I wanting  to be saving the document, I be remembering the words fag! gay! fag! gay! also be remembering Ndo, Pele, Sorry. I be liking the other one better, I be liking the sympathy and care, I no be liking the screaming. Now, my hand is betraying me, I be pressing delete when I want to be saving, as I am deleting, I am shouting to heaven Ndo, Pele, Sorry. Ndo, Pele, Sorry. I be crying too as I am shouting it to my heaven, Ndo, Pele, Sorry. I be remembering that hot March those many years ago, when Mama be telling me “Humans always find a way to make themselves victims in another’s tragedy”. Softly, softly, I be whispering it as I fall asleep, Ndo…Pele…Sorr….

*Ndo – Igbo – Sorry
**Pele – Yoruba – Sorry

The above picture of two men kissing is of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum. They were ancient Egyptian royal servants; they are believed to be the first recorded same-sex couples in history. It is the only tomb in the necropolis where men are displayed embracing and holding hands. In addition, their chosen names form a linguistic reference to their closeness: Niankhkhnum means ‘Joined to life’ and Khnumhotep means ‘Joined to the blessed state of the dead’, and together the names can be translated as ‘Joined in life and joined in death’.