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When you see someone that looks like you doing something admirable for example, when you see “your mates” getting first position in class, you automatically want to copy them and be like them isn’t it? Just kidding it’s not automatic.

I researched the topic of “Advertising on the Brain” and found this useful bit of information on this our wonderful internet:

“The concept that advertising, learning and memory are intrinsically related is not new:

Repetition: The old adage “frequency sells” has a biochemical basis. Just like trails through a forest, synaptic pathways become deeper with use.

Association: Anthropologists have long known the power of archetypes. Neurology can now tell us why: A strong synaptic pathway leads the way for a weak one.

Emotion: The emotional center of our brain (Amygdala) releases chemicals that promote the formation of new synaptic pathways”

On that note I just want to say a big Thank You to SERENA WILLIAMS for putting theory into practice by showing the women and girls (through Tennis) with skin the same colour as hers, that they can be The Best in whatever field as long as they are consistent and diligent in their hard work.

If you ever get to read this post, Congratulations on your record Ms Serena. Thank You for REPRESENTING our brand very well. *Udo na Ifunanya!


UDO – Igbo – Peace

IFUNANYA – Igbo – Love.