The introduction of Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar

The stories are based in Nigeria and the artists are authentically Nigerian…here’s to supporting Nigerian creatives.

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Hi friends,
Today I bring you great news, there’s a new comic in town! The stories are based in Nigeria and the artists are authentically Nigerian. They go by the name ‘Akbar Comics’ and they need your money to realize their dream of disrupting the scope of African Pop culture as we know it with their collective artistic genius, they have created a Kickstarter campaign and they have till June the first to meet their goal of crowd-sourcing $$$.
Please keep on reading this post to learn more about the guys behind Akbar Comics and to peruse characters from their debut release titled CAPTAIN CALABAR. Here’s to supporting Nigerian creatives.
– Jayjeystic

The year is two thousand and thirteen, the location is Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. A group of teenage boys, some fresh out of secondary school, have just been sorted to the same room in one of the male hostels in campus. The algorithm that put them together is a small but important stroke in the grand scheme of things. They are not just roommates, they each become their brother’s keeper and evolve into the lifelong friends destiny predisposed them to be. Time will unveil them as a gifted trio from the Department of Architecture. With a holy combination of mad skills, hard work, and a shared love for cartoons, they birth the new anti-hero: Captain Calabar. They have great dreams of changing the landscape of African pop culture through the utilization of their natural talents in telling the stories of modern day Nigeria.

Meet Timehin Akinde 

Timehin Akinde Akbar comics
Timehin Akinde, Akbar comics

Timehin is a simple guy, you will find him anywhere near chill vibes and Palm trees. He is one of the two initial founders of and the creative writer at Akbar Comics, he also coined the name ‘Captain Calabar’ as a testament to the popular Nigerian stereotype of assuming that anybody from the Efik/Ibibio speaking South-South sub-region of Nigeria is from CALABAR.

 Calabar (also referred to as “Canaan City”) is a city in Cross River State, in south southern Nigeria.

Many moons ago, in the small dorm room occupied by a tight circle of friends, Timehin nicknamed his friend Joshua Akpan Captain Calabar”.

Meet Joshua Akpan

Joshua Akpan, Akbar Comics
Joshua Akpan, Akbar Comics

Even though he is from Akwa Ibom State, his squad quickly took to calling him Captain Calabar. Joshua is a talented Artist who loves Bob Marley and Kendrick Lamar. He is a trained Architect, works as an illustrator, and is one of the three initial founders of Akbar Arts

The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language.

He joined his friend Abasido Akpan in Akbar Comics. 

Meet Abasido Akpan

Abasido Akpan, Akbar Comics
Abasido Akpan, Akbar Comics

Abasido is also from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, he is the visionary behind Akbar Arts, an illustrator, and a business man with a great sense of humour. Abasido has been described as “a really really good artist” by some of his friends, probably because he is known to give beards to the beardless in his cartoons. Abasido A.K.A Akbar pushed his art under Akbar Arts before he came up with the idea for Akbar Comics as a subsidiary of Akbar Arts in July of two thousand and sixteen.

Calabar is a port city, near the Cameroon border. It sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta.

Timehin in telling the story of Akbar Comics had this to say about Abasido’s pivotal role:

“Then one day Abasido hit me up and was like let’s make something with this, initially it was supposed to be an animation but making a comic is easier. So long story short, we’ve been friends since and broke-ness forced us to come up with the idea! (laughter)”

-timehin akinde, akbar comics

Meet Some Of The Characters:

Akbar Comics, Captain Calabar #1 AUG 2017
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Adewale Ogunjobi
Name: Adewale Ogunjobi aka Dr. Ken Abilities: Complete mastery of the spiritual arts (Babalawo settings). Direct descendant of Ogun. Immortal.
Captain Calabar - Akbar Comics
Name: Anwang John-Bassey aka Captain Calabar Abilities: Superhuman strength, flight and invulnerability given to him by the Ekpe spirit.
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Lanre Williams
Name: Lanre Williams Abilities: Computer genius, ex-yahoo boy with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Nigerian underground scene.
Akbar Comics; Captain Calabar
Captain Calabar derives his powers from his tattoos written in the Nsibidi script, a language similar to hieroglyphics invented by the Ekpe tribe.
Akbar Comics: Captain Calabar: Shalewa
Name: Shalewa. Abilities: Proficient in the art of underwater warfare (mami water levels). Lieutenant of Karishika’s army. Underground Runz Girl

Please don’t forget that Captain Calabar needs our help, you can donate by clicking me or by sharing this post.

A Christmas Wish Come True – Tumi’s Story

My name is Tumi Katisi and I am young, female, and a Pilot from South Africa.

I started flying on the 12th January 2012 when I was 20 years old, with Loutzavia Flight School at Rand Airport

Thus far it has been a remarkable experience, I am so happy and humble to have chosen this path, flying is definitely incredible and out of this world.  

I’ve had tough times through my path of flying as it is certainly not a cheap career and training is very expensive. My mother managed to secure enough money to complete payment for my Private Pilot Licence after having to work and Fly part time to also assist her in a financial manner, today (November 2014) I stand as a 22 year old Private Pilot busy with my next license which is the Commercial Pilot Licence. 

Tumi Katisi

I was also a recipient of a local radio station 94.7 Highveld Stereo Xmas Wish.

My friend Beejal Govan wrote to them regarding my dream, to receive funding for my Commercial Pilot Licence as she was so triggered by my passion for Aeroplanes, I was lucky enough to get sponsored by Anglo American and E Oppenheimer & Sons.  

In January 2013, I was also sponsored by Breitling SA as they gave me a R79 900.00 Chronometer Watch to raffle and raise funding for my flying, that didn’t work out so well and I had to find another way to get the funding which I did and can happily say that, hard work pays off, most importantly having faith in what God can do for you when you equally work hard to achieve your dreams!  

Giving up was never an option, and now I go about being humble and thankful to the Almighty for all that I have.  

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I present the very much anticipated Testament that has been rumored to have the potency to inspire you for the rest of the year, written by our ever Faithful Guest blogger! and great friend of Jayjeystic’s Blog,
Paul Amayo


This is the very first featured post on Stage 2, written by a dear friend of mine, someone I’ve come to look up to for inspiration although I doubt he’ll believe that.
We’re both hoping that from time to time (every other week) He’ll send articles for the THE DIARY OF A DREAMER series, specially written, with love, for  Stage 2.

I present to you Paul Amayo (@AmayoPaul)


The Diary of a dreamer.

So its been three years plus since I left the academy, with hope of a deal, a contract….two years on and I’m still hopeful. I’m not hopeful because mom says I should be and dad tries to act like he knows it all, I’m not hopeful because most of my friends say they believe I’ll make it, because I work hard at it, I’m not hopeful because my siblings and family say I have that “drive and passion”.

I’m hopeful because this is my dream.

I was born to do this, I was born with greatness. I’m hopeful because the passion and Love for what I do is inbuilt, I’m hopeful because what I do gives me Joy, I’m hopeful because God has seen me through times tough enough to break me, and I’ve come through stronger. I’m hopeful because I’ve been through the hardest of times and heard the meanest of words and still, the Love and passion for what I do remains….Hopeful.

I’m hopeful because I’ve been discouraged, disappointed, taken for granted, overlooked, looked down on and disregarded because I chose to protect my dream and this Love and this passion has remained intact.

I’m hopeful because I’ve had to live with my bag on my back, packed up and ready for the move and on the go, its been painful but still my Love and passion for this dream remains…I’m hopeful because I see how many sceptics have become believers, I’m hopeful because I owe it to God be great….what he intended me to be.

I’m hopeful because I owe it to my family and friends, to show them that dreams do come true. I’m hopeful because I’ve been shown the easy way out and I’ve seen that with all the comfort that way presents, I’m ready to walk down this hard and lonely road.

My Passion, My Love, My Pain, My Gain….My dream.
I fall, I rise. I fail and then I succeed.
I can’t and then I can.

My dream is what wakes me up before the break of dawn and knocks me down to my knees to align myself with the will of God. My dream is the rod of correction that strikes me when I step too far off. My dream is what pushes me out into the rain while others sleep. My dream is my life….My dream is what I see when I open my eyes and look ahead, to the days ahead of me.

I do not dream of my dream, I Live my dream.

Everyday, every step, every breath that takes me closer is me living my dream.  What about you? Why do you live? What does your heart beat for here on earth, what is your purpose? What is your life’s dream? Can you protect your dream? Will you protect your dream?

I am Paul Amayo.