Medical Education – Lecturio Medical School Survival Guide

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This post is useful for students currently in medicine, preparing for medicine or finishing medicine in United States or Caribbean Medical Schools.


Hello! Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

I bring you great news, Lecturio has released a Med School Survival Guide which you can DOWNLOAD  here:

You wonder how the guide was developed? They have gathered their best medical advisors, distilled their experience and put into one piece – just for you!

Feel free to share this piece with your friends and peers, spread the word wherever you want and make Lecturio Med School Survival Guide your lifesaver in 2018 and beyond!

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Medical Education – LECTURIO

This post is useful for students in medicine, nursing, and other health sciences, preparing for their board licensing and or certificate examinations.

I want to introduce you to this new resource I have been using. It is called Lecturio and they have been helping me a lot with med school and board exam prep. Their aim is to spread knowledge and make high-quality medical education available to as many students as possible worldwide and I must say that I have looked around and they have the highest quality high-yield video lectures from Ivy League professors along with recall questions, updated articles, study materials, and information germane to Medical Education like this one. 

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Sign up on for FREE and subscribe with a Study Plan that fits your needs, you have the option of choosing between 1 month, 3 months or 12 months of unlimited access to lecture videos from world-class instructors and also unlimited access to the new Lecturio Question Bank (QBank) that boasts of more than 1,000 high-yield and 1,600 recall questions..

LECTURIO is an online and offline audio-visual learning platform, LECTURIO App is available on Android and iOS, this is very important because you get to study on the go and save data you would’ve used if you were streaming all those important videos in your spare time, it essentially converts your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device into your mobile classroom. To know more about how this platform can help you in your medical school journey, visit here.

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Thank you. I wish everyone in this medical school journey all the best in their exam prep and future careers!