This is the very first featured post on Stage 2, written by a dear friend of mine, someone I’ve come to look up to for inspiration although I doubt he’ll believe that.
We’re both hoping that from time to time (every other week) He’ll send articles for the THE DIARY OF A DREAMER series, specially written, with love, for  Stage 2.

I present to you Paul Amayo (@AmayoPaul)


The Diary of a dreamer.

So its been three years plus since I left the academy, with hope of a deal, a contract….two years on and I’m still hopeful. I’m not hopeful because mom says I should be and dad tries to act like he knows it all, I’m not hopeful because most of my friends say they believe I’ll make it, because I work hard at it, I’m not hopeful because my siblings and family say I have that “drive and passion”.

I’m hopeful because this is my dream.

I was born to do this, I was born with greatness. I’m hopeful because the passion and Love for what I do is inbuilt, I’m hopeful because what I do gives me Joy, I’m hopeful because God has seen me through times tough enough to break me, and I’ve come through stronger. I’m hopeful because I’ve been through the hardest of times and heard the meanest of words and still, the Love and passion for what I do remains….Hopeful.

I’m hopeful because I’ve been discouraged, disappointed, taken for granted, overlooked, looked down on and disregarded because I chose to protect my dream and this Love and this passion has remained intact.

I’m hopeful because I’ve had to live with my bag on my back, packed up and ready for the move and on the go, its been painful but still my Love and passion for this dream remains…I’m hopeful because I see how many sceptics have become believers, I’m hopeful because I owe it to God be great….what he intended me to be.

I’m hopeful because I owe it to my family and friends, to show them that dreams do come true. I’m hopeful because I’ve been shown the easy way out and I’ve seen that with all the comfort that way presents, I’m ready to walk down this hard and lonely road.

My Passion, My Love, My Pain, My Gain….My dream.
I fall, I rise. I fail and then I succeed.
I can’t and then I can.

My dream is what wakes me up before the break of dawn and knocks me down to my knees to align myself with the will of God. My dream is the rod of correction that strikes me when I step too far off. My dream is what pushes me out into the rain while others sleep. My dream is my life….My dream is what I see when I open my eyes and look ahead, to the days ahead of me.

I do not dream of my dream, I Live my dream.

Everyday, every step, every breath that takes me closer is me living my dream.  What about you? Why do you live? What does your heart beat for here on earth, what is your purpose? What is your life’s dream? Can you protect your dream? Will you protect your dream?

I am Paul Amayo.


Sun-tzu, The Art of War

“Master Sun said:

Ultimate excellence lies
           Not in winning
           Every battle
           But in defeating the enemy
           Without ever fighting.
           The highest form of warfare
           Is to attack
           Strategy itself;
The next,
            To attack
The next;
            To attack

past questions = attacking strategy itself.
Befriending your senior colleagues = attacking alliances.
Inquiring from your mates = attacking armies.
To achieve ultimate excellence, you have to disregard your pride.

“Master Sun said:

The Skillful Strategist
              The Way
              And preserves
              The law;
              Thus he is master
              Of victory and defeat.”

TRANSLATION: the way is your chosen path, either to Sucess or to Failure.
The law, is the application of your strategy to excel. Thus, winning and losing are determined by your actions.