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I will continue to update this page with only the best promotions and offers, please check back soon and don’t hesitate to share this page with your friends, and loved ones, Cheers!

On this page, you will find links to some interesting promotions that I have found on the internet, from referral and coupon codes to affiliate links and links to exclusive deals and offers on a wide variety of products, including but not limited to educational materials, apps, art, organizational tools, and so on. Some of these links will offer you unbelievable discounts on various products and services. In return for recommending/referring their products or services to you, I will sometimes earn a fraction in commission from some of these companies. I will never use my blog as a medium to endorse any product or service that I do not personally use or patronize.

LECTURIO: Also looking for help prepping for boards or medical exams? I’ve been using Lecturio’s video courses, recall questions and study materials. You should subscribe through my link today by clicking on the linked subheading above and get your board game on! Lecturio app is also available offline on Android and iOS!

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HONEY: Honey helps you save money by searching the web for the best discount codes and coupon(s) on almost every single online shop. Get better prices on Amazon, never miss another deal by using Droplist, and earn Honey Gold Points by signing up with this link!

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AirBnB: Do you love to travel on a budget? Do you enjoy experiencing home away from home while on vacation? AirBnB is a Hosting Community of travelers and adventurers from all over the world, you don’t have to break bank on hotel stays when you can enjoy the luxury only a home can afford. Earn $25 USD in Travel Credit when you sign up for AirBnB with my link!:

RAKUTEN: The Free Cash Back Shopping Assistant: Rakuten offers shoppers Cash Back at over 2,000 stores. These stores pay RAKUTEN a commission for sending you their way and RAKUTEN shares the commission with you as Cash Back. You can also find thousands of coupons, promo codes and exclusive deals at RAKUTEN. Every quarter, RAKUTEN will mail you a Big Fat Cheque or PayPal payment. Using RAKUTEN is simple and, most importantly, free. Join RAKUTEN today by clicking on the linked subheading above and get a special Welcome Bonus of $10. You already shop. Get paid for it! Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales through RAKUTEN and earn cash back.

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FIRECRACKER: Firecracker is an adaptive learning platform that uses amazing content coupled with spaced repetition to help medical students crush their exams. The Firecracker app is available on iOS and Android. Click  the linked subheading above to Sign Up and get an amazing discount today! This is a Firecracker promo code, Firecracker coupon code.

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ERIN CONDREN: I’m loving all the personalized products and organizational accessories I’ve found at Erincondren! Check it out for yourself by clicking on the linked subheading above and you’ll receive $10 OFF your first purchase with my code! This coupon code will expire 30 days from receipt, it will only work for your first purchase and not for transactions made after the initial purchase. This is a Erin Condren coupon code, Erin Condren promo code.

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WEAR FIGS: “FIGS creates innovative, comfortable, and supremely functional medical apparel for the modern world.” Upgrade your scrubs with this link and get FREE SHIPPING, FREE RETURNS and up to 15% OFF your purchase of the most technically advanced, comfortable, and beautifully designed scrubs! This is a Figs coupon code, Figs promo code 15% off Figs, Wear Figs.

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MEDELITA: Get $20:00 USD OFF your finely tuned medical apparel by Medelita. Clicking on the linked subheading above will lead you to the most advanced and flattering Ward Coats and Scrubs in the world. This is a Medelita coupon code, Medelita promo code.

We’ve spent years on research and development testing a proprietary technology on the fabric interior to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, with a fabric exterior that repels fluid, soil, and stains. Our lab coats have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency, which is why we proudly back up our warranty for a full year.” – MEDELITA 

Or just copy this link to your browser:

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